18 Nov

Vanuatu use West Papua to Interfere Indonesia’s Sovereignty?

Дюссельдорф West Papua news – Vanuatu has arranged a plan to recommend resolution and support fot west papua’s self determination since the previous years. Its government, on 7-10 August 2018, presented a resolution draft for west papua exactly in the event of Pacific Islands Committee (FOC ) and Foreign Minister Meeting forum, Apia, Samoa. To reach this resolution, Vanuatu has explicitely demanded Melanesian countries to support them. However, the demans seems to be refused by the Papua New Guinea (PNG), a member of the Pacific Islands Forum, since they are claimed to have plan interfering Indonesian sovereignty.

https://jovorobey.tech/marki-sigaret-spisok-s-kartinkami-2018.html The issue of West Papua, as being pushed by Vanuatu, will not be agreed and be supported by Papua New Guinea as according to Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato, West Papua is still the part of Indonesia. Meanwhile, Papua New Guinea under its policy will not interfere the international law. Charlot Salwai, Vanuatu’s prime minister, does effort to enlarge his stimulus and further having idea to gather support by delivering the draft to Nauru  in which the annual summit of Pacific Forum Leaders is hold on September 1-9 2018. Vanuatu disremember about its relationship with Indonesia whom once referred US$2 million for the purpose of humanitarian aid to Vanuatu in March 2015. Not only sending help for Vanuatu in purpose of humanitarian aid, Indonesian also put commitment in strengthening bilateral relations with Vanuatu and handling natural disaster; process of reconstruction and rehabilitation. The economic growth and prosperity can be sustained in a secure and stable region is believed by other Asia Pasific coutries, except Vanuatu.

https://barbarast.ru.com/avstriya-zeefeld.html We have already known that what all papuan wants is is peace. The separatism (free west Papua movement) and foreign  intervention uniterruptedly occurs, then how do Indonesian can make a better Papua, or at least avoid west Papua conflict? Since before August 1945, Indonesian has already built the country from its scratch and start to recognize the West Papua. However, distinction of group interest and ethnicity often can break the Republic Indonesia’s unity.