28 Jun

Unforgettable Experience Mount Rinjani Trekking

Climbing the mountain is very exciting and exciting so that not a few people who like to hike the exotic mountains they can reach. One of Indonesia’s exotic mountains is Mount Rinjani Trekking. Favorite route that is often chosen by the climbers of Sembalun path but also not a few climbers who choose the Senaru route to reach the top. There are several advantages obtained by climbers who through the Senaru route among which the climbers will be spared from the usual sunburn is felt by the climbers through the path Sembalun where Sembalun line is dominated by a large savanna meadow.

In addition climbers will be able to get to the top or the lake of Segara Anak when climbing through the Senaru route. But climbing through Sennaru will feel more tiring because from post 1 to post 2 you have to face a more extreme field of savanna on the path Sembalun. In addition, the distance from post 1 to post 2 is also quite far so that between post 1 and post 2 there is a shadow post that can be used by climbers to rest and unwind. If you have reached the post 3 then you will be closer to Plawangan Senaru where you can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful and fascinating Segara Anak lake.

But from post 3 to Plawangan Senaru you need about 3 hours journey plus steep derivation about 2 hours to get to the lake Segara Anak. From Segara Anak lake you still have to go through Plawangan Sembalun as the last post before heading to the top. To reach Plawangan Sembalun from Segara Anak lake takes about 2 to 3 hours. Then the physical and mental climbers will be thoroughly tested when climbing from Plawangan Sembalun to the top of Rinjani because the time it takes the climbers to reach the peak is immeasurable especially if the climbers often rest because it is not strong facing extreme field with a slope of about 70 degrees and cold weather the extreme will be very torturing yourself.

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