25 Jul

This is a tourist spot on Mount Bromo that must be visited

Interesting places in Bromo is often overlooked because most visitors only visit 4 public locations such as to Penanjakan to see sunrise, bromo crater, savanah grassland and whisper sand. This time I will make a full article of places and attractions that you must visit if you are on holiday to Mount Bromo. It’s a pity that you have chosen Bromo for a long holiday but many of the tourist spots you miss. All of these tourist attractions you can get with Bromo tour package services. With the tour package then the need for your trip will be easier. This is a tourist spot on Mount Bromo that must be visited.

This is a tourist spot on Mount Bromo that must be visited

This is a tourist spot on Mount Bromo that must be visited

Mentigen hill the third alternative to spot view sunrise in addition to Penanjakan 1 and pananjakan 2. Here, visitors can just walk from the lodging / homestay / villa or hotel area in the probolinggo cemang cemara area. Although the amount is not too high but can be the best alternative if you go to backpacker-style Bromo, don’t bring your own vehicle either 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled. The road is not far from fir lawang. Location is precisely east of Lava View Bromo hotel.

B 29 Argosari is one of the favorite camping spots in Bromo. This one tourist destination is quite foreign to Bromo visitors. This place is the highest peak in the area of Mount Bromo Tour, higher than penajkan 1. So cold air with a very beautiful scenery and added a stretch of typical plants from the highlands to make this tourist area is very dear to miss.

Bromo milky way can only be obtained at night, that is by going to certain spots that are suitable for this star cluster hunting at night. Don’t forget to prepare a good camera if you are interested in seeing this bromo milky way. The reason why this bromo milky way is very attractive and perfect is because one of the requirements to get the best milky way is far from the highlight of the city lights or in the perfect dark state, without cloudy clouds and the right calculation for hunting milky way (must use stellarium software)

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in the area of Mount Bromo, precisely in the Lumbang District of Probolinggo Regency, to reach this tourist spot can be done from the direction of Probolinggo Tongas to Mount Bromo, good travel access for vehicles of all types of vehicles. With cheap admission prices can be treated to a very amazing view.

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