25 Dec

Best Bromo Ijen Baluran Tour Package

For people who like to vacation in several places at once, then it is mandatory to try the Bromo Ijen Baluran tour package. This tour package is a package that provides vacation facilities to 3 places at once, namely the beauty of Mount Bromo, the beauty of Ijen crater, and the beauty of the Baluran National Park .

Best Bromo Ijen Baluran Tour Package

Moreover,the tour package to 3 locations at once is very often attracting the attention of foreign tourists.
As is well known that Mount Bromo is one of the few mountains that have such beautiful scenery.

On this mountain there are several hiking trails, so that mountain lovers can climb to the top of Mount Bromo to see the beautiful scenery of the many meters above sea level.

On Mount Bromo itself there is not only mountain climbing, many beautiful hills also become one of the advantages of the existing natural scenery. In addition, there is also the beauty of savanna grasslands that will spoil as far as the eye can see.

The beauty of Mount Bromo will be more special if it is combined with the Ijen crater, which is the largest lake crater in the world that has its own luxury, in the form of blue fire.

This crater is one of the most beautiful craters in Indonesia, so to be able to reach this crater several sacrifices and struggles are needed, one of which is to do climbing activities as far as 3 kilometers.

The distance that is so far to be reached by foot generally will take around 2 hours. After fighting for the beauty of the crater of Ijen, the holiday will be perfect if it is closed by visiting Baluran National Park.

These three tourist attractions have a fairly close distance, so it would be ideal to be a series of tour trips on one vacation. With the presence of several beautiful tours that can be made into this one, it is no wonder that Bromo Ijen Baluran is one of the best-selling Bromo tour package and is preferred by tourists.

Best Bromo Ijen Baluran Tour Package

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